Perfect Tween Room Ideas

From Princesses to Pop-Stars

1.Valerie Bed   2. Apollo Desk  3. Pois Rug  4. Stella Ottoman  5.Be Yourself Poster  6. Free Spirit Poster  7. Rose Checks Wallpaper


How to transform your little girl’s bedrooms into a big girl’s space.

We all remember the excitement of decorating our little girl’s nursey, rife with anticipation of her impending arrival.  The swaths of pink that adorned the walls, the beautiful crib and bassinet, and the soft textiles draping over the natural wood rocking chair that sat in the corner.  As she grew from infant to toddler, the decorations remained mostly the same – save for some additional Disney Princess poster and stuffed animals.  As elementary school approached, new toys and books would find their way into her room, some silly and some fluffy, but all appropriately suited for the little girl that she was.

…and then it happened.

“I don’t like that anymore.  That is for babies!”

At some point in every little girl’s life, the transition from childhood toys to big girl interests takes hold.  Bittersweet as it might be, the change from a little girl’s bedroom to a tween’s bedroom is the sign of a growing and independent young woman, and can be a great opportunity for bonding and self-expression.  Here are a few ways to help create the big girl space for your growing girl that she will absolutely love:

Bolder Bed Frames Bed frames can be the visual center piece for an entire bedroom, establishing the mood for the entire space.  By replacing a bed frame that is too pink, covered in cartoons, or too whimsical, you are able to create a more mature and sophisticated atmosphere in your daughter’s room.

Upgrade Her Bed  There is something incredibly liberating about getting a larger bed, and upgrading her bed from a twin to even a full-size bed can give her a sense of growth, security, and maturity.  This will also give you an opportunity to eliminate her childhood sheets that might be covered in unicorns, princesses, and teddy bears.  Grown-up sheets for a grown-up bed for a growing girl.

Bigger Bookcase  Bookcases are for so much more than just books.  By adding a larger bookcase to your daughter’s bedroom, you will give her more space to display the items that she values, like pictures of her favorite music artists, celebrity crushes, or mementos from her friends at school.

Cover the Walls  This takes some bravery on your part, but will work wonders on her independence and decision making skills.  Ask your daughter what color or wallpaper patter she might enjoy for her room, and make it happen.  This could mean a magenta and glitter explosion or a neon green wallpaper pattern, but the goal is to let her be comfortable in her own space, and customizing it to her tastes is the best way to achieve that.

Transitioning from little girl to big girl is a tricky, overwhelming, and bittersweet activity – but by helping your daughter create the living space where she feels at her best is a gift that she will appreciate throughout her entire life.  And just remember:  She might be a tween today, but she will always be your darling baby girl.

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