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Sofzsleep Moonlight latex mattress

From: $690.00
Perfect for bunk and pull-out beds. The MOONLIGHT mattress has a slim profile which caters to a multitude of bed

Sofzsleep Topper Latex

From: $430.00
Latex Topper Latex TOPPERs are easily the most immediate way to enjoy the benefits of a latex sleep surface without

Sofzsleep Playpen

From: $169.00
Safe play, safe sleep. Every Sofzsleep natural latex PLAYPEN mattress is certified to be toxic-free from formaldehydes, pesticides, PDBEs (Polybrominated

Sofzsleep Kids Latex Bolster

So much more than a tube-shaped pillow. • Firmness: Soft • Junior Size: 60 x 10cm (23.5″ x 4″) –

Sofzsleep Cot Latex Mattress

From: $345.00
No monsters under this bed. Every Sofzsleep natural latex COT mattress is certified to be toxic-free from formaldehydes, pesticides, PDBEs

Sofzsleep Donut latex pillow for babies

All rounded support. Sofzsleep Baby Donut helps babies develop a nice rounded head and aids in the prevention of Plagiocephaly.

Sofzsleep Contour Pillow

Curves, designed to straighten. Contour Pillow is ergonomically designed with dual lobes to support the head and neck, maintaining a

Sofzsleep Design Pillow

‘Knob’ your ordinary pillow. It comprises a plurality of upstanding knobs to relax your neck and shoulder muscles. • Firmness:

Sofzsleep Infant Pillow

A pillow for the littler ones. The unique design of this pillow allows a infant’s head to be elevated very

Sofzsleep Junior Pillow

Junior pillows for your juniors. Designed for the young ones positions, this pillow cradles the neck to provide comfortable support

Sofzsleep DELIGHT latex mattress

From: $1,290.00
DELIGHT features a firm core with a separate plush topper on it, providing the perfect support as you drift off

Sofzsleep Slick latex mattress

From: $1,199.00
7 Zone Latex Mattress Spine Support. Ergonomically designed to provide specific support for every part of your body. Softer upper

Sofzsleep STARLIGHT latex mattress

From: $899.00
Dual-comfort, dual-firmness. The STARLIGHT mattress boasts a dual-firmness-dual-comfort feature, being essentially two mattresses in one. Flipping the mattress over will vary